The Walking Dead Season 1 Episode 5

Below is my synopsis of The Walking Dead episode five. If you haven’t seen it I suggest you don’t read on. Buy The Walking Dead Season 1 and enjoy!

Prepare yourself for The Walking Dead Season 1 Episode 5…not long now til The Walking Dead Season 2! So it’s the morning after the night before…what a hangover. Rick tries to contact Morgan on the walkie talkie and warns him not to enter Atlanta. Meanwhile Andrea hasn’t moved from the dead body of Amy. When Rick goes to explain that they have to deal with the body Andrea pulls a pistol on Rick who quickly backs off. As per usual the first scene throws us right back in there.

While the group is deciding what to do about Amy and Andrea we learn that Jim has also been bitten which causes major concern. Some of the group is up for killing Jim straight away but savior Rick thinks that both for the good of the group and as Jims last chance they should head for the CDC (Center for Disease Control) where there’s talk of doctors working on a cure. There’s some pretty strong resistance from Daryl but the voice of reason wins out.

Dale takes his turn to try and comfort Andrea and relates the story of how he lost his wife and how Andrea and Amy are the first two people he’s really cared about since her death. It’s Amy’s birthday today and Andrea is adding to her grief by feeling guilty for all the birthdays she missed. She puts the necklace, a birthday present, around Amy’s neck. Meanwhile in a particularly grisly moment, Carol takes responsibility for smashing up her husband’s head!

There’s worse to come of course as Amy awakes into her new life as one of the undead. A short life it turns out as Andrea, with love, blows out her brains.

Meanwhile Jim’s running a fever and getting delirious. Rick is seriously starting to doubt his own judgment and the best way forward. Question marks over whether he was right to go back to Atlanta for the guns is now compounded with concerns from Shane that going to the CDC, with Jim is the wrong call. On patrol in the woods there is a restrained confrontation between the two and when Rick goes off to investigate a noise there’s a moment when Shane has Rick in his gun sights. He does nothing but Dale, who is patrolling with them notices the moment.

Back at the camp there is a group meeting and to everyone’s surprise, and to Shane’s credit, he backs Rick’s plan of heading for the CDC and they agree to leave in the morning. The next morning and they all get ready to leave. Rick leaves a message and map for Morgan, should he turn up and Morales and his family announce that they’re making different plans and heading for Alabama. More tears as friends and children say goodbye (wow it’s all laughs in this episode).

Somewhere along the road the RV breaks down and during the rest break Jim, in a moment of lucidness, asks Rick to leave him behind. After much soul searching in the group they decide to grant him his last request and one by one say their goodbyes to Jim who they prop up under a tree (how grim can this episode get?).

Suddenly, for the first time in the series, we’re somewhere else, away from Rick’s story. We see the video archive reports of a man relating his efforts in a lab somewhere underground. It turns out to be a Dr. Jenner the last survivor at the CDC who is trying to find a cure for the zombie plague. He’s stressed, not sleeping well. We then see him in his lab where through fatigue he makes a mistake, knocks over some chemicals and the next thing he knows his lab and all his work has been destroyed, decontaminated. Back on his video diary he is now drinking heavily and contemplating suicide.

So when the survivors rock up at the CDC they don’t find Jenner in the best frame of mind. They arrive at dusk and while Jenner sees them immediately on the surveillance cameras the group just sees a locked up building with hundreds of dead bodies scattered around the area. Just as they’re about to give up and leave Rick sees a camera move. He screams at the camera for help and mercy as the others try to drag him away. At the very last a shutter opens throwing light onto the group and then…credits!

Reading back over the synopsis for this episode reminds me just how dark and depressing it was, really nothing uplifting at all. It’s a great episode but reminds me what a tough job the writers have to keep the balance of this series just right between action, character development and emotional content. It would be pretty hard to take two such dark episodes in a row!

That was The Walking Dead Season 1 Episode 5. Just one more to go! Here comes The Walking Dead episode 6.

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