The Walking Dead Season 1 Episode 4

Below is my synopsis of The Walking Dead episode four. If you haven’t seen it I suggest you don’t read on. Buy The Walking Dead Season 1 and enjoy!

The Walking Dead Season 1 Episode 4 opens with Andrea and Amy in a small fishing boat talking about their father and the way he taught them fishing in different ways that reflected their personalities. It’s a moving, poignant scene and as I write these synopsizes I’m struck by how relentless the emotional content of this series is. Even the relaxed moments are charged, there’s just no let up.

Back at camp Dale spots Jim up on a hill relentlessly digging large holes…what’s that about???

Up on the roof in Atlanta the team tries and piece together what’s happened to Merle. Following the drips of blood from his severed hand they come down off the roof into a room where tough Merle has dispatched two zombies single handed (I know, I know). They also find an iron with burnt skin on it; Merle has quartarized his stump…gulp. Furthermore he’s broken through a window, Merle has left the building! The team decides to go for the gun bag and then look for Merle.

Back at base camp the rest of the group go to confront Jim who just won’t stop digging. When Shane tries to get him to stop it all pours out. Jim’s resentment at Shane, for being judge and jury with Ed, and his own grief at losing his family. Yet again Shane has to restrain one of the group. Another emotional flash point.

Back in Atlanta the team map out there plan to retrieve the gun bag. Glenn bravely volunteers to be the one to retrieve the bag while the rest cover him from two different points. However the plan goes seriously awry. While Glenn is dodging the undead some dude turns up in the alleyway where Daryl is waiting. Daryl points his cross bow at him and asks if he’s seen his brother but the guy just starts screaming for help. Worried that this will attract the walkers Daryl knocks him to the ground. At that moment the guys friends turn up and in turn take out Daryl. At that precise moment Glenn turns up with the guns and Daryl shoots an arrow in to the ass of one of the gang. A car then pulls up, more gang members and in the madness they grab Glen and bundle him into the car and speed off, leaving both their colleague and the bag of guns.

Again back at camp Jim is now tied to a tree until he calms down. He apologizes to the rest of the group and says he was digging holes because of some dream he had the night before and he warns Lori to keep her son close.

Back to Atlanta and a Mexican stand off! Rick, Daryl and T-Dog take the Mexican gang member, Miguel, to the gangs hide out to exchange him for Glenn. We met the “vatos” leader ‘G’ and much posturing is done but no progress. G wants Miguel and the bag of guns. Rick says they’re his guns and both parties retreat with no agreement reached. The team withdraws but decides pretty quickly that they aren’t leaving Glenn and neither are they willing to give up the guns. They return locked and loaded and this time enter right into the gang’s lair! Rick hands back Miguel but demands Glenn back and offers no guns, everybody draws on each other until… there’s not much humor in the series but it’s always welcome when it comes… into this scene of imminent death and destruction wanders a little old lady, the grandmother of one of the gang, Philippe, who proceeds to totally defuse the situation. It turns out that this gang isn’t full of angry killers but a group of well meaning men out to protect a retirement hospital community; which is why they wanted the guns. Turns out Big ‘G’ is the custodian of the home and his right hand man Philippe a special care nurse! The old lady leads them into the grounds of the home and to Glenn and once the air is cleared it becomes apparent that ‘G’ is just like Rick, looking out for the weak who can’t look after themselves. Rick gives over some of his guns and then they return to the truck…which isn’t there…Merle’s taken it!

Apart from the stolen van everything’s looking up. Rick and the boys head back to camp on foot as fast as they can and meanwhile at the camp the others prepare for a happy fish supper. Round the camp fire Dale, brilliantly portrayed by actor Jeffery Demunn tells a story about time and all is well with the world. Did I mention that it’s Amy’s birthday in the morning? Until this point of the series all zombie attacks and action has taken place during daylight hours and the night, has on the whole been a time of peacefulness. So when the walkers appear en mass out of nowhere the chaos is truly terrifying. Ed’s the first to go still in his tent then Amy get bit on the arm. Pandemonium breaks out and the men do what they can to protect the others but a few more random survivors go down. Nearby as Rick and the team returns they hear the gunshots and quicken their pace and return just in time to take out the rest of the undead. Amy dies in Andreas arms and has she’s been bitten we all know where she’s heading. The episode ends with an outpouring of grief and Jim remembering his dream. Now he knows why he was digging holes!

After a comparatively subdued episode 3 this latest episode cranks the emotional intensity right back up. This is the first episode that a character we care about dies. The episode starts with the love of two sisters and ends with their grief…heavy stuff.

Geez…so that was The Walking Dead Season 1 Episode 4…I’m sure things will be more cheerful in The Walking Dead episode 5!

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