The Walking Dead Season 1 Episode 2

Below is my synopsis of The Walking Dead episode two. If you haven’t seen it I suggest you don’t read on. Buy The Walking Dead Season 1 and enjoy!

The Walking Dead Season 1 Episode 2 is fast paced and full of action. What was particularly striking about this next installment was how quickly and how far the plot deviates from the original comic book series. We all knew that the TV series would diverge and certain things would be done in a different way, episode one was a perfect example of this. The pilot stuck pretty close to the original plot line but extra scenes were added and original scenes adapted to improve and enhance the TV experience. Essentially though there weren’t any big surprises in the way the first episode played out.

The same cannot be said for the following episodes which take us on a whole new journey, with only a few of the original comic book plot points being retained. Here is my synopsis of The Walking Dead episode 2.

The second episode kicks off with quite a long sequence at the survivors’ camp. Lori walks off into the woods to forage for food. One of the great things about this series is that many, if not most, of the scary sequences involving the undead take place during daylight hours so Lori’s quiet walk through the woods takes on real tension. As it turns out it isn’t a zombie that stalks and jumps out on Lori but Shane who scares her half to death. There then follows a pretty full on sex scene between the two which is doubly uncomfortable when you remember poor old Rick stuck in his tank a few miles away.

So back in his tank Rick gets through on the radio to Glen, played by Steven Yeun, who, as in the original comic book series, helps him escape. Very much unlike the comic books Glenn leads Rick back to a department store where we meet a whole bunch of new characters most of whom are less than pleased to see Rick as he has well and truly woken the dead and lead them to the store. The rest of the episode is basically a 45 minute long escape mini movie. With the building surrounded how will our hero and his new “friends” escape back to their camp? We learn that they are part of the survivor group that includes Shane, Lori and Carl. Andrea is a main character from the comic books but Morales, T-Dog and Jacqui are all unique characters to the TV series (I’ve only read the first 12 comics so someone please correct me if I’m wrong). We are also introduced to another new character called Merle Dixon a racist bully who we first see, making matters worse for the group, shooting zombies with a sniper rifle from the roof. When a fight ensues between Merle and T-Dog it is left to Rick to lay down the law which he does by handcuffing Merle to a post.

So how do they escape? They try the sewers, no good but pretty spooky. Rick spots a likely get away vehicle in a nearby construction yard but how to get there? Of course! Chop up a dead zombie cover yourself in guts so you smell like one and go out and just walk amongst them! Cue scenes of disgusting zombie chopping and smearing and then a great scene as Rick and Glen try to calmly walk through the zombie throng. It’s all going so well too until it begins to rain (I guess in the zombie apocalypse there are no weather reports). Suffice to say they make it to the vehicle, after a good bout of undead slaying, and Rick rescues the others in the van while Glen distracts the walkers in a sports car with the alarm sounding.

Importantly not all are rescued. Though T-Dog and Merle don’t see eye to eye it was T-Dogs intention to unlock Merle, however one slip and the handcuff keys get lost down a drain and Merle is left behind screaming blue murder. T-Dog padlocks the roof door to give Merle a chance from the walkers who do inevitably break into the store just as the others are exiting. The episode ends with Glenn blasting down the motorway in his new car and music blaring.

This second episode of the walking dead is very much about keeping the action fast paced and exciting after the first episode. We really just meet all these new characters rather than learn much about them, although that in itself is exciting especially for those who thought they knew where the story was headed. The stand out scene for me is Rick and Glenns walk through the undead, the music for the series is excellent and sets the right tone of nightmare for their seemingly endless walk through the city.

Made it through The Walking Dead Season 1 Episode 2? So are you ready for The Walking Dead episode 3?

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