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So What’s in Store for The Walking Dead Season 2?

There’s still a good long wait for The Walking Dead season 2 and if you want, at anytime, to remind yourself of events in season 1 then read my reviews of all The Walking Dead Episodes. If you haven’t even seen the first series then for heaven’s sake go out and buy the DVD! Similarly, I think, reading the comics will add to your experience as they are quite different from the TV show.

But what can we expect from The Walking Dead series 2? I was a big fan of Lost but I don’t mind admitting that as the series wore on I became pretty lost too. All those questions that were asked in one season were often forgotten, in my mind, by the time the next season rolled around. I wished someone would provide a checklist of questions at the beginning of each season to remind me of the key points from the last!

So to answer my own wish, and hopefully help you, I have compiled a list of key points that I hope we will get to the bottom of in The Walking Dead season two.

Beware – Spoilers Ahead. If you haven’t seen the first season I suggest you don’t read on. Buy The Walking Dead Season 1 and enjoy!

1) What was going on between Shane and Lori before the outbreak?

We know that life was far from perfect in Rick and Lori’s home before the zombie apocalypse, but just how strong were Shane’s and Lori’s feelings for one another at that point? The fact that they got it together so quickly, after Rick was left for dead, makes me think there’s some history there.

2) How long has Shane got?

It seems to be one step forward three steps back for Shane. He does something half decent and then flies off the handle and does something unconscionable. Those who are familiar with the comic books know he should have been dead ages ago. Right now he’s such a central character in the TV series, but does that mean he’s here to stay? We shall see.

3) What’s happened to Morgan and Duane?

It seems certain that we will see this father and son duo again, but when. I wonder if we will be shown their separate story. One of the strengths of Lost was its multiple story lines, might they do the same in The Walking Dead season 2?

4) Where the hell is Merle?

You just know when Merle turns up he’s going to be pissed! Will he have a stump or a hook? Perhaps he’s found God! I doubt it. It will be interesting to see if, and how, he is integrated back into the storyline.

5) Where the hell is Morales and his family?

Will we see them again now that they have split from the group and headed for Birmingham. It’s quite possible we won’t. And if we do I have a nasty feeling that they will already be a small family of Zombies. Unfortunately for Morales his character, imo, was never really filled out enough for us to care that much about him so…I fear he’s very much expendable.

6) Will we see Jim back as a zombie?

Well will we? That’ll teach them to show mercy to the infected!

7) Who was in the helicopter?

This is one of those key plot points that can easily get forgotten along the way so…don’t forget it!

8) What did Dr Jenner whisper in Rick’s ear?

Arrghh! I want to know NOW! I can’t wait to find out. In episode 6 Rick reveals that he’s been sitting on many feelings of hopelessness, staying strong for the good of the group. Well what new information has he been laden down with now? And will he share or keep it to himself?

9) How long can Rick hold on to his enormous hat?

For me that hat is the mascot of the piece and I only hope it is well cared for throughout season 2.

10) Surely the most crucial question of all… Will Andrea and Carol find new vibrators?

Hey! They started it.

So there are some thoughts from the first season, let me know if I’ve missed any. Obviously the other big question for fans of the original comic book series is how far will the rest of the walking dead season 2 stray from Kirkman’s original work? Personally I’m very happy with the way things are heading. The writers keep touching back on key events from the comics but otherwise everything is up for grabs. Continue reading

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